Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday's - Favorite Vacation

Today I'm linking up with Andrea from momfessionals to share about my favorite vacation!!

Clearly we all know THIS was my favorite vacation because I just blogged about it..

Our honeymoon in the Keys!!! However, since I literally just blogged about it back in the Fall, I decided to pick my 2nd favorite vacation and that led me back 10 years ago on my high school senior spring break! 

Let me start by saying I am totally freaked out that my 10 year reunion is quickly approaching. Just today, plans were made for our reunion and my mind was wandering back all day. How on earth have I been out of high school TEN YEARS? My mind cannot grasp it. College was my favorite but I absolutely loved high school too! A time when my biggest focus was cheering at the Varsity Football Game on Friday night or the cheerleading competition on Sunday. Those were the days....

This is me & my bestie Melissa on Senior night!

Here is me and my friend Alyse before a competition my senior year! 

Ten years, where has the time gone??

Ok, back to the vacation - sorry I got sidetracked. I really just can't believe it. I am totally not old enough to attend a high school reunion, right?

So - where were we? Oh yes. Senior year spring break! My friend Melissa's parents took us (me, Melissa, and Jessica) on a cruise! 

We sailed for 7 days and stopped in Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Belize! We were supposed to make a stop in Costa Maya but the tide was too high or something so we spent 3 days at sea instead of 2. 

Cruises are so much fun because you can literally do whatever you want, whenever you want. Including eat. And this girl loves to eat! I mean there were buffets open at all hours of the day. And we took advantage. 

Oh hey, babes. Or should I say babies?? 

We laid in the sun, played games, went to the "teen clubs" (<----hahaha), saw shows, went to a "robe party", and saw some beautiful places! 

Don't ask me what a "robe party" is. We didn't know, but we went with it!

I think this was a ferry ride we took when we got to the Cayman Islands!

Cozumel was my favorite! Melissa's dad had a friend who had a timeshare in Cozumel so we hit up his house and it was so gorgeous! He had an infinity pool that looked right over the ocean! Prettiest water I had ever seen! 

I think the above picture was from Cozumel as well! 

When we stopped in Belize, we were told that the locals weren't very nice so we decided to do an excursion instead of mingle with the locals. We went cave tubing and it was so neat! Usually when I tell people that they look at me super weird. Because it totally is super weird. We literally were in black tubes in the water floating through caves. Scary? Um, yes. We saw lots of bats & other creatures! 

We bought these awesome shirts in Belize that said "you better Belize it!" I still have that shirt tucked away somewhere. ;)

It was such a fabulous vacation! I always tell people who are contemplating going on a cruise to DO IT because it was so fun! 

I think it was also my favorite because I was with my 2 very best friends from high school and it was kind of like our last hoo-rah!! I am so blessed by them and am so glad we have stayed so close. We just had a spend the night party last week over spring break and it was the best. There's just something different about your high school besties. :)

Now go link up and tell us about your favorite vacation! 

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