Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday again? I'll take it!!!

Haha, I couldn't resist! 

I'm linking up with some fun bloggers today for Friday Favorites!!

1. Kenny Chesney

And Jake Owen (have you seen his new hair cut?), and Chase Rice!!!

Mom took me to the Kenny concert last night for a mother/daughter date night and we had the best time!!! This was my 5th time seeing Kenny (yes, we're on a first name basis) in concert and he just gets better and better. I saw him in college at a bar and it was so amazing being so close! I swore I'd never see him in a big arena again because it was so amazing in that bar but when mom asked me if I wanted to go I couldn't resist! I sure was tired today at school but it was so worth it. :)

2. Puppy Emma Pictures

I am aware I just blogged lots of Emma as a puppy pictures but my gosh. That face. I could eat her up! This week marks 3 years since we brought her home so my Timehope was flooded with pictures of her as a little baby and I just couldn't stop looking at them! 

Here she was the other afternoon being nosy and spying on people in the parking lot! ;)

3. This Book

I watch Ree's show on Food Network all the time so I decided to pick up this book out over Spring Break & I have loved it! It's all about how she met and fell in love with her husband and it's so sweet! If you love Ree like I do, I highly recommend this book if you're a sucker for a good love story (like me!). 

4. Our Easter Fun

We went to church, had lunch with my family, watched lots of babies find Easter eggs, had dessert with Ty's family, and the Easter bunny even made a stop at Ty's parents' house and left us some goodies! 



5. Daily Charlie Grace pictures 

When your best friend lives thousands of miles away & you can kiss her baby, you rely on daily pictures and FaceTime dates. Molly sent me this one this morning and I about died. Is she not the cutest thing ever? 

And just because she's so darn cute, here she was on Easter! 

6. My new pink anchor earrings from ALB

These studs were only $6.50 and I love love love them!!! So cute for spring & summer! 

I hope you have had a wonderful week and have a restful weekend! We don't have much on the calendar this weekend and that's how I like it! :) 

Go link up your Friday favorites too! 

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