Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lately at the Latham's

Happy Sunday! 

I figured a good ole picture post would be perfect for this post. Ok, maybe I'm just being lazy.

I'm smack in the middle of half marathon training! Last Sunday I ran 7 miles and it. was. brutal. Holy moly I thought I may fall over. I had been sick for 2 weeks (I'm still trying to shake my cough) and I don't think I ate enough before I ran and let's just say it was my worst run ever. Like ever since I started running 6 years ago. But, I did it and this week was much better! I ran 8 miles this afternoon and breezed through. Ok, maybe that was a lie....but it was SO much better than last week! ;)

Emma and I have a little routine at night that I just love. She is SUCH a daddy's girl but at night, she's totally all about her mama. She knows I go to bed before Ty and most nights she will come and jump in bed while I'm still in the shower! She loves to get as close to me as possible before we start snoozin. Love my snuggle time with her!

I don't know about where you live but here in Alabama, it was FREEZING this past week. We even had a delayed start of school on Thursday because it was so cold! We enjoyed lots of couch time under blankets this week! 

Yesterday I went to Luke's basketball game & enjoyed time with my sweet nieces and nephews! Luke loves basketball and is actually really good at it. I lost count of how many baskets he made!! I love watching him in his element! After the game, we took mom to brunch for an early birthday celebration. For my local friends, we went to Over Easy right off 280 (the Hollywood Blvd exit) and it was delicious! I don't know how I've lived on 280 for 2 years and never tried it! 

I won several pairs of Bombas socks from Julie at PBFingers (do you follow her? If not, you totally should! She writes about food & exercise!) and I am in love with them! They are super comfy and awesome running socks! Bombas is such a cool company - they are like TOMs but for socks - for every pair purchased, they donate a pair of socks to a charity! How cool! 

And some random information for your Sunday - I have a new instagram account (don't ever log out of your account if you don't know your password...caused me a headache for days!). You can find me now at @kathleen_latham and my Amanda Lee Boutique account is @klatham_alb! 

Hope everyone stays warm and has a great week! 

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