Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fashion Friday...except on Saturday

I had every intention of posting this yesterday so please excuse the title! I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite items from Amanda Lee Boutique every Friday! So, here we go! 

{oversized pikos - $16, several colors available}

How cute is my bestie, Allison, in her new coral piko? She paired it perfectly with a cute scarf and leggings! She is also a fellow teacher and us teachers love ALB's affordable items! There's no reason you can't look cute going to work and be on a teacher's budget. :)

{blanket scarves - $23.50, several patterns available}

This. Scarf. 

I would wear it every day if you wouldn't judge me. It's SO soft and so comfy and so cute! I had a meeting on Thursday and paired it with a grey shirt, some skinny jeans, and my brown boots! I felt so warm and cozy all day!

This dress is just so darn cute. I've worn in several times already since I got it in late December. It's long enough to wear with leggings and flats to work, and I love how my new long necklace looks with it! I work with kids all day and I am up and down and all over the place so I love to be comfortable at work! Unfortunately, this particular dress is sold out but there are several more dress options on the website!

{side button tunics- $23.99}

How cute are these new tunics? There are several more color options available (more just added today) and so many styling options - long necklace, statement necklace, scarf, etc! And it's perfect for spring! 

{Cheeta Print Top - $29.99}
This adorable new Cheeta print top has sequin shoulders and is totally fabulous! Animal print & sparklies? Yes, please!
Ps- sparklies is totally a word. 

{CC beanies - $12}

Listen, I'm not a huge hat person. And Ty isn't a fan of me in hats so I rarely wear them. I love how they look on other people but I always think I look weird in any kind of hat. I knew I wanted one of these beanies, especially for our Gatlinburg trip last weekend, because we would be outside for long periods of time and I wanted to stay warm. I may still look like a fool (yall can be the judge of that) but I LOVED IT! I forgot it one night when we were walking around and my head was frozen! And I like to think I still looked cute while trying to stay warm. ;) There are several color options available in these beanies! 

{Color Block Shirt - $23.50}

I just love any color block shirt and this one is no exception! I love the peach/navy combo!

{fuchsia tunic with sequin pocket - $23.99}

I ADORE this tunic!!!! What more could you want? Bright Color & sparklies? It's a win-win!!!!

I am hoping to do one of these posts each Friday to update you on my favorites from Amanda Lee Boutique! You can find me on Instagram at @klatham_alb and all of these items on! 

Enjoy 10% off your purchase each time you order using my code - KATHLEENREP

Happy Shopping, Friends!!!!

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