Monday, January 30, 2012


If you know me, you know that I lost my planner somehow & somewhere over Christmas break. I really don't know where that darn thing is. I cannot believe it hasn't popped up somewhere. I have never been an organized person but having a planner definitely helped me feel "put together". My roommate for 4 years was OCD Type A planner freak & some of her craziness (as much as I don't want to admit it) might have rubbed off on me. Sometimes I would even write lists of "to-do's" that I had already done, just to mark them off or put a check mark by them. :) I wrote things in my planner that were unnecessary & I knew I'd never look at, but I did anyways, because it made me feel better about my life. It definitely helped me remember meetings, conferences with parents, etc. but other than that, I just used it to make myself think I had it all together.

Anyways, back to my losing my planner story....I was sure it would show up sometime. I just KNEW as soon as I purchased a new one, it would pop up & then I'd be mad. So, I've put off buying a new one (ok, ok, maybe I'm too poor right now to buy a new one...payday anyone?). Can you believe I have managed to go on with my life for 4 weeks without my planner. How? I do not know. But I have made it to meetings, conferences, events, bible studies, weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, airports, remembered to pick my medicine up & even managed to teach my children WITHOUT a planner. Does this upset me? Kind of. I kinda thought I needed it. But apparently I'm super - teacher who doesn't need a planner.....

Boo- Ya!

Disclaimer: tomorrow is payday so ask me then if I went out and bought one, just to HAVE one....

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