Monday, January 16, 2012

My best friend is married!

I am still recovering from my MOH duties this weekend. I can't seem to catch up on sleep!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful & the bride was stunning! Her dress was so amazing and she looked just like a princess!!! Everything was perfect & I was so honored to be standing next to her on her wedding day. The church was the most gorgeous church I had ever stepped foot in. I could have spent hours in there just looking at all the details.

I made it through my MOH speech shaking, but managed not to cry like I thought i would. The reception was SO FUN & we danced the night away! Ty even managed to make his way to the dance floor...he might not have moved his hips much but I think I danced enough for the both of us! :)

It was absolutely freezing but we managed to take some great pictures on wedding day! Molly's mom made us fur hand warmers & shawls to keep us warm while we took pics! I can't wait to see how they turned out!!!!

We loved hearing the local people talk & laughed trying to mimic them! I also ate a ton of Italian food and clam chowder (or should I say CHOWDA!). I absolutely LOVE Boston & can't wait to come back soon!!!

I am so incredibly happy for my best friend. My heart is overflowing with joy for her & her new hubby!
I love you Brian & Molly!

Here are some iPhone pics from our amazing weekend!!!!

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  1. Those pictures are so pretty, can't wait to see more! Looks like you had a great weekend, and I can't even imagine 10 degree weather...yikes.