Monday, November 21, 2011

Chickfila Cow

Took the kids to Chickfila while Christen shopped on Saturday. We were there for awhile and the cow came out a few times while we were there...

Aubrey was not too fond of the cow. The first time it came out I didn't know it was behind me and Aubrey starts screaming NO! NO! NO! And shaking uncontrollably...i finally turned around and figured out she was screaming at the cow. It was quite hilarious. And yes, I did torture her each time by holding her and walking as close as possible to the cow while she completely freaked out by screaming and shaking while death gripping me. :)

Levi & Luke had a much better time with the cow. :) Luke wanted to hug the cow and Levi liked petting her (yes, it was a girl cow with a big bow).

This is how Aubrey & Levi felt about the huge cow....

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