Saturday, November 12, 2011

a fabulous end to last monday

Mondays are always a drag. Something always goes wrong - you're late, you spill your coffee, you forget to eat breakfast, someone makes you mad (in my case, a 5 yr old), you get stressed about the week ahead - need I go on?

Well, last Monday wasn't a normal Monday - it was pretty great (for a Monday). Nothing huge happened to upset me, it just felt like a normal day. I was excited to head to Hobby Lobby after school for the first time since April 27th, when the tornado took ours in Tuscaloosa. After school, I went to Hobby Lobby & then Michaels to grab some stuff for my craft show next month. Then, the normal, typical Monday slapped me in the face just as I thought my Monday couldn't go any better....

I was pulling out of Michales onto a 4-lane side street, pulled into the median to wait for a car to pass and next thing I know I got rear-ended, then side swiped. My immediate reaction..."UGH!" How dare you hit my car for no reason. No reason at all. My next reaction, MY BABY!!!! YOU JUST MESSED UP MY BABY!!!!!! I got out of  the car and put my face in my hands and told the lady I didn't want to look as she said she was sorry a couple thousand times. She apparently thought I had gone & was looking backwards at oncoming traffic as she pulled out, which in turn is why she smacked me.

When I went around to look at the damage, I immediately lost it. As I called Ty and My mom they both asked if I was ok of course and all I could talk about was the poor Malibu. This car is my baby. I drove a clunker for so long, and I treat this car like gold. No, it is not new, but its new to me.

Well, to sum up the rest of the story, The back corner of my car is all smushed in, there are scrapes all down the passenger side of my car, a dent in between the 2 doors on the passengers side, my back wheel got pushed up, the rim got smashed, and my mirror is broken. The tow truck took it away as my heart sunk. I spent 2 hours on the phone with both insurance companies & drove Ty's mom's car til Thursday and then got a rental car...

Meet my rental car. A mazda 3. And BOY does it GO! I'm scared I will end up with a ticket before this is all over. :/

Hoping my car will get fixed ASAP because I miss it!!!!!!!

Very thankful I did not get hurt because I know it could have been way worse!

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  1. I had a Mazda 3 in college and got pulled over EIGHT times in that thing! (Thankfully, I only had one ticket to show for it!!)