Thursday, November 3, 2011

Media Fast and Trixie

This will  be quick because I am about to head to Ty's to eat dinner but I wanted to post really quick.
Sorry I have been bible study went on a media fast for a week so I did not get on and post or read any blogs! I was very proud of myself :) It was kind of freeing...ha!! I did good about staying away from blogs and twitter, only got on facebook about 4 times in the week and ONLY to check if anyone had posted pictures from Molly's bachelorette weekend (will post on that later) and never once checked status updates or looked at anyone else's pictures or profile! I was literally on and off those 4 times. I was so proud :) haha The TV fast didn't go that great but when the TV was in my control, I did not watch! It was only if I was at someone else's house. Our fast also included only listening to Christian music, which I did okay....I listened to the Christian music station when they were playing music, but I cannot stand talking so when they talked, I changed it to country....but I would change it right back when they played music again. I now find myself changing it to Christian more often, so I'd say the fast was a success. :)


Ty's dog, Trixie, passed away Monday. She was 12 years old and such a sweet, laid back dog. She was born on Halloween, which is why they named her Trixie, and she died on Halloween. They treat their dogs like kids so it was really rough on his mom. Please pray for their family, it is very weird going over there and not seeing sweet Trixie!

We love you Trixie!!

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