Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in Pictures...

Here is the rest of my week in iPhone pics..

Tuesday, we made the applesauce recipe that I posted on Monday and it was SOOO good!!! The whole classroom smelled amazing ALL day. I HIGHLY recommend that recipe! It is chunkier than normal store bought applesauce but if you have a potato masher, I think you could mash up the applesauce to make it smoother. My kids loved it and I did too! It was amazing! I never got a good picture of the end result that made it look as good as it was so you will have to settle for what it looked like in the morning...

All I have to say is .... YUM!
Tuesday night, I went to a new teacher meeting that was kind of by Christen's house so I stopped by there after the meeting for dinner with them! Loved the unexpected visit with my sweet nephews and niece! This is what I had to leave behind when it was time to go...

Aubrey standing at the door saying, "Hey Kafween! Wuv You! Bye Bye!"
You see, Aubrey likes to torture me when I leave. She has done it for awhile now. If I leave through the front door, she stands right there sometimes saying, "No! No! Kafween!!!" or "bye bye, wuv you". If I leave through the basement, she stands at the top of the stairs doing the same thing. It hurts my heart! Christen likes to laugh because she knows it tortures me and makes me not want to leave. I think Christen secretly tells her to do it! ha! When I told her I had to leave that night, she said, "no leave!"

Wednesday, my teacher friend had her sweet baby girl, Isabelle (9lbs, 12 oz!!!). I have not met her yet but I can't wait. I'm hoping I can stop by next week after work to meet the sweet little big angel!!! The kindergarten teachers made a little bag for Sara for the hospital and I made this to stick in the bag...

scrapbook paper, cricut, and picture frame! Hope Sara likes it :)
Wednesday night I came out of the gym to this gorgeous view.....

Thank you Lord!
Thursday I stayed at school way too long and then got in bed at 7. Yes, I said 7! I am not getting enough sleep at night and by the end of the week, I am DONE! So tired! I only got up to eat and then got right back in bed!

Since I skipped the gym yesterday, I need to go today but I am sitting here waiting for Ty to do some work. Is it sad that I secretly hope we don't go? HA! jk.....kinda. Motivation, where are you this week!????

Tomorrow is gameday in the swamp! Oh I hope those FL Gators chomp their way to a LOSS!!!!


Stay tuned for my VERY interesting story for the week. I have to do a little research before I share though so STAY TUNED! Its a good one :)

Happy Weekend :)

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