Saturday, September 17, 2011


(I wrote this on Friday night & didn't post it until this morning)
Happy Friday Everyone! I am so exhausted. I got the same amount of sleep last night that I normally do but for some reason I was DRAGGING today. I had coffee AND sweet tea this morning too. However, that might have been the problem. HA, anyways, I am looking forward to resting this weekend. Those sweet 5 yr olds WEAR. ME. OUT!

*Before you read the story from should know I am a TOTAL worry wart. I have bad anxiety about certain things and am paranoid about bad things happening. I don't know why but its a bad habit!! I am living with my Granddaddy right now and his neighborhood scares me! It is not horrible but it is not the safest place either. Ok now to the story.....

On Tuesday, I got home from school and plopped down on the couch for some rest before I went to work out with Ty. Around 6 the whole house shook like someone had just SLAMMED the basement door shut. I immediately freaked out, ran to my room and locked the door. I quickly changed (I was about to go work out) and got my pepper spray. I almost called Ty to tell him I was not coming out of my room until he came over because the boogyman was in the basement!!! He probably would have said no so I decided not to call and brave the boogyman by myself. I left my room armed with my pepperspray and got out safely! I tried to forget about it but ended up saying something to Ty and his parents later that night. After I told the story, Ty's dad said, "Was that around 6?" and I said, "actually, yes!" and he informed me we had an earthquake with a 3.0 magnitude!!! He said he didn't feel it but Ty and his mom said they felt it but just thought it was Bill (Ty's dad) working on the roof! Ha! SO, very glad there was no boogyman in the basement... ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Roll Tide!

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