Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My First Cricut Project

Here is my FIRST cricut project...ohh so nervous about how it would turn out but I think it is SUPER cute!

Ty's mom bought the bucket and spray painted it. I cut the letters on my cricut and we stuck the vinyl on the bucket! I LOVE how it turned out! I think she is going to use it for their back patio to put drinks in when people are out there hanging out/watching football! TOO cute!!!

She loves black and brown together so I knew she would want those colors!!

I need to get more creative with my cricut in my classroom. Any ideas???

Pinterest....one word - OBSESSED. Why did I just discover this? If you have one, lets follow each other!!! I have already gotten so many cute classroom ideas from it!! I also am obsessed with looking at house decor (you know, since I have one to decorate and all - NOT). If you have not checked it out, you should!

Christen called after work today and they were headed my way (well, my route home way) and we met at wal-mart so I could see her and the kids for a few minutes! What a wonderful surprise! I know I always say this, but there is nothing in the world like your niece and nephew getting SO excited when they see your face, then running and tackling you with hugs. They were about to jump out of their pants today because they were in the parking lot when they first saw me coming towards them and they couldn't run across the parking lot to get to me! haha! Oh how I am SO in love with them (and Levi, of course). :) Thank you Lord for little ones!

Speaking of little ones, my babies were ALL at school today for the 1st time! All 14 of them! I have always had at least one out, normally 2 or 3 out every day so I have never had all 14 of them. Day went good! I can successfully say that 3 of them that couldn't count to 20 last week, left my door counting all the way to 20 this afternoon. Ahh, its the little things :).

Yes, totally random post. You should be used to it by now if you are a returning reader :) Welcome to my brain! ha!

Happy Tuesday Night!


  1. 14 kids??? That would be SO nice!

  2. So cute, love it! I'd really like you to do the pumpkin thing we talked about.
    So glad you're so close that we can have a spur of the moment mid-week Aunt Kat fix :)