Sunday, February 27, 2011

bittersweet iphone

bye bye blackberry,

hello iphone4!

I love my blackberry, LOVE. It has been such an awesome phone and I love all of their cool features. However, it was time for a change. As soon as Verizon announced that it was coming out with the iphone4, I knew I wanted one. I have played with my roommate's for awhile and knew I'd like it. I was due for an upgrade back in December but waited for the iphone to come out. So, yesterday I went and got it!! I was so excited but it was very sad seeing my blackberry go. I have to admit that I just now (as of 5 minutes ago) turned my blackberry off. I am sad to see it be turned off for the last time. :( Is it weird that I am so attached to a phone?? Does that make me a loser? That phone has been through some ups and downs with me! Getting my first teaching job, losing my job last year, getting my job this year, 2 trips to the beach, many trips to he lake, selling my jeep, buying my malibu, many nights crying on the phone with my mom, and many late night texts to Ty! Thank you blackberry, for 2 great years!

I do LOVE the iphone though. I have found myself playing on it NON-stop which is bad - but I will have to find a happy medium! I have already used the FACE TIME (which I was most excited about). Jeri just got her iphone Friday so we played last night on the facetime. I thought it was so cool! I got to see dad mom and jeri all at once :) haha! I am also quite obsessed with words with friends so if you have it and would like to play me, leave me your username! I am not very good so you'll have a great chance of winning ;) I am currently losing to Jeri, Christen, Melissa, and Jessica! haha :)

We have had beautiful weather here in Alabama lately - I hope everyone else has too! I am so ready for Spring because that means Summer is right around the corner!!!! There are only 10 more school days til Spring Break!! :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. You are so lucky your spring break is close-mine isn't until the end of April!!!