Wednesday, February 2, 2011

freezing and bummed

bye bye beautiful spring weather that we had for about 4 days that was oh so nice, hello FREEZING i need my fuzzy and electric blanket weather. Its always a letdown when you have beautiful weather then it gets bitterly cold again. :( I went to bed last night without my electric blanket or fuzzy and woke up completely frozen. I hate those mornings when you literally cannot get out of bed because it is so cold! That was me this morning, which caused me to rush to get to work. I also hate when its this cold because of course im sitting on the couch in my sweats not wanting to go to the gym. Who wants to leave your house when its so cold your hands freeze just walking to the car? I am going to go work out though, because I've been doing a stellar job working out consistently and I don't want to mess it up! Guess what will be waiting for me for dinner after my workout? yummy chicken n dumplings. Perfect for this cold night. :)

So - I know yall are all anxiously awaiting the car news right? Totally bummed - we didn't get it! :( Ty had in mind what he wanted to pay for what he thought it was worth and someone bid higher so we didn't get it. I was sooooo bummed when I got the text at school. Totally ruined my day. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up like I did but I couldn't help it. I have been waiting on a new car for 6 years! I prayed last night that if that was the car of me, to let it work out. So apparently God did not want me driving that car!! I really hope something works out soon though - I am so impatient!!

Hump Day is over - Tomorrow is THURSDAY!!! :)

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