Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ALOT of catching up....

well here are some late February pictures from our apt decorated for Valentine's Day. Thanks to the $1 aisle at Target, our apt has been decorated for Christmas, Winter, and V-day. Can't wait to see what they have for Easter!

I've said this before but I cannot wait to have a house to decorate!!!!!

Here are some pictures of baby Levi from this past weekend!!! He is so sweet!

Ty woke me up last Saturday at 8:15 (yes, on my one day to sleep in) by coming in my room (or his sister's room to be exact!) and telling me we had an appointment at 10 to get my window's tinted on the Malibu!!! I was so excited so I jumped out of bed to get ready! 2 hours later, here is the malibu...

Last week I was too lazy to make dinner so I made these instead:

They were sooooo good! I guess they are called pizza rolls? I just lined the crescent rolls with marinara sauce and put cheese and pepperoni in it then rolled it up and baked them according to the crescent package! yummy yummy!

And last but not least, go check out my Kanvas blog for my latest paintings! :)

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  1. Just stopping in as your newest follower to say hi! Those pizza rolls look delicious! I'll have to try them out soon :)