Monday, December 6, 2010

im back! kinda!

this won't be long because I have to go to sleep!! i spent ALL week last week painting my canvases. Saturday Mom and I sold them at our church's women's luncheon! It went sooo well! It consumed my life last week after school! Thats literally ALL i did! I should have started earlier but i am the biggest procrastinator ever!!! We had so much fun though! i owe a big thank you to Casey, Tricia (Ty's mom) and my sweet mommy for helping me!!!

Sunday we went to cut down Ty's family's Christmas Tree and it was so fun! We never cut down ours growing up but it has always been a tradition of theirs and I am so excited I finally got to go this year! I wish I had pictures but my camera cord and this computer are NOT cooperating tonight!

I will post pics of my canvases and pics of Sunday asap!

Also, I have not given up on my blog challenge, I just took a little break! ;) I will be back at it soon!

For now, here are some pics from Thanksgiving Break!!

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