Wednesday, January 27, 2010

scentsy failure

so - One of the teachers at my school (who also happens to be Ty's 2nd cousin) started selling Scentsys and I bought one for my classroom a couple of weeks ago. My classroom WREAKS of who knows what so I was SO excited to get it and start using it. If you don't know what they are, basically they are candles without the wick and you don't light them. Its a light bulb that melts this wax lookin stuff and somehow it makes everything smell sooo good! So, when I got mine, I put it up in my classroom BEHIND my desk so no kids would be back there and strickly enforced how they were not to come close to it because it was breakable. Every other teacher has one in their rooms and have never had a problem. Well, I was out on Monday because I had to go to the Doctor and I come back Tuesday to find that my Scentsy was gone. One of my kids had BROKEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo livid!!! I almost cried. There goes $30 down the drain. Luckily, I knew who it was and all the other teachers said I need to make her pay for it so I am going to! Or try at least. Oh and a little sidenote---last time I was out sick, they broke my pencil sharpener...I mean what is the deal? They have never broken anything when I have been there. Yet when I leave, they always find a way to break something. Well, here's what it looked like before it got broken....
Isn't it pretty? Well, not anymore! :( Luckily, since the teacher that sells them is almost family, and he is really nice....he said even if the child doesn't pay for it, he won't make me pay! :)
I also got a smaller one for my bedroom at home and I LOVE IT! You should check out the site because these things are awesome! and there are so many scents that you can pick from. You sit the wax (its not really wax) stuff in the top of it and plug it in. The light bulb heats the wax stuff up and melts it....then it smellssss soooooo good! Check them out!!!

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  1. What a bummer!

    That must be a new scentsy "holder", I've never seen the heart shaped one, very cute!
    Reading this story reminded me that when I taught and knew I was going to have a sub, I HID everything of value that was in my room, because it never failed, something would go missing or get broken when I was gone! I would even hide my electrical pencil sharpener!

    I know you didn't know you were going to be gone on Monday, but maybe if that happens again you can tell one of your fellow teachers to go hide all your "nice" stuff in your room ;)