Thursday, January 14, 2010

food network and HGTV

So, lately I've been absolutely obsessed with:

Ty makes fun of me CONSTANTLY for watching these shows but I think I learn so much from them! My favorite show on HGTV is House Hunters so I learn lots of valuable information about buying a house...even though thats nowhere in the future for me. I also love House Hunters is sooo interesting to me to see how other houses/flats/apts look in other countries.

On the Food Network, my favorite shows are any Paula Deen show (come on, who doesn't love some Paula Deen?), 30 Minute Meals (love me some Racheal Ray!), Down Home with the Neelys, and Ace of Cakes. I usually don't find whole meals that I would actually make but I have gotten SOME ideas and its so neat learning what spices go with what food, etc. I desperatlely need to learn how to cook...Ty's mom is like a chef in the kitchen and so if it works out with us, I have ALOT to live up to. Ty does cook, which is a VERY good thing, but I like cooking for him...makes me feel domestic :). He used to cook for me alllll the time...our first 6 months we dated, I never cooked...he cooked all the time! Anyways, I really like cooking.....makes me feel older and its very calming (which I always need after a long day of chasing 6 yr olds around)! Anyways, if anyone has any really good recipes, PLEASE share them with me...I have a little recipe collection coming along. I've made some good stuff lately! I also love to check out the recipes on the back of food boxes or on soup cans....they always seem to have good recipes!

So, if you've never watched either of these channels, don't...unless you want to get hooked! I am seriously hooked!!!!!!!!!

I started working out again and I feel sooooo good!!! I was such a lazy bum last semester...I just never had the energy to go work out after a long day at school but I have made myself this week and last and I feel so great! I hope I can keep it up...I seriously always feel alot better when I work out regularly and I could always lose a couple pounds...especially leading up to bathing suit season :)

It was Molly's birthday on Tuesday so in honor of her...
Here's your BIRTHDAY KISS!!! Love you to the moon and back!!!! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

Okay, since I havent written since the BIG we go....perfect season, Iron Bowl Champions, SEC Champions, 1st Heisman Trophy Winner, and National Champions...Who could ever ask for anything more???? Gosh, last Thursday was a wonderful night! Of course, we win the first year I'm out of school but I still feel so much a part of this school because I still live in Tuscaloosa and I did just graduate. I am so glad and proud that I am a BAMA graduate and apart of BAMA NATION!!!!! I am so proud of our team and couldn't be a bigger fan right now!!! Of course, I made Ty go with me last weekend to find a National Championship T -shirt...I could tell deep down that he really wanted a shirt too ;). haha, I really need to work on converting him....poor thing, who would ever want to be am Auburn fan? :)

This was my facebook profile picture last Thursday :)

Happy Thursday :)

So glad tomorrow is Friday AND I get a 3 day weekend!!! yippee!


  1. Don't feel bad, I'm still pretty obsessed with HGTV, especially House Hunters too! When Brad and I first got married, all we did was watch HGTV for hours every was pathetic. Now we try to limit it :)

  2. Hey Kathleen!

    Thanks so much for the encouragment! I LOVE the food network- cup cake wars & paula deen are my favs!

    Cute blog, girl!

  3. Of course you know I love food network! It was basically all I watched the year before we got married and our 1st two years of marriage. I'm like you, I haven't really made whole meals from shows I've watched, but I have learned a lot about cooking in general. I don't seem to have too much time these days to watch food network anymore, but my old favorites were Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, Iron Chef America, and Chopped.
    Ryan and I got into a couple house flipping shows, I think the one we really liked was Flip this House, can't remember what network it was on, but we watched it all the time in Auburn.
    Hope you get to put all your new cooking and home decorating knowledge to good use in the near future ;)