Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green and Money

So, after a recent post from someone's blog I read (Jennifer Durham), I decided to start trying to use re-usable grocery bags. I ended up finding 2 in my apt that I have collected from various places/people so I was already ahead! I went to Wal-Mart today and got another one! I carried all of my groceries up my 3 flights of stairs in ONE trip and all in those 3 bags! I am usually carrying like 13 bags on each arm to try and make it up to my apt in one trip because I refuse to go back down and make a 2nd trip for groceries. And, they all three just go right over my shoulder. I loved it. Anyways, I throw away so many grocery bags and it is just really terrible of me considering EVERYWHERE sells re-usable grocery bags to try and "go green". So...from now on....I'm Going Green....and you should too!

My 3 re-usable grocery bags! Go Me!!!!!

I also got a water purifier from Ty for Christmas and this is also a great way to save water bottles. Now, I always always reuse water bottles. I refill them ALL the time! However, Tuscaloosa water isn't that up to par so I do give in sometimes and buy new water because it really does taste different. Anyways, I am sooo excited I get to have nice clean water and I don't ever have to buy water bottles again! Well, maybe every now and then. Here is my other "Going Green" accesory.....

Ty hasn't put it on yet....I tried yesterday but....well, it's back in the box. :)

Okay...Onto Money. I need a way to make a little extra cash. I've been thinking about doing our summer program at school this summer to make a little extra cash but in the mean time...anyone have any ideas? Well, I have painted canvases for friends and family before as gifts or just for my room/their room, etc. I'll post a few pictures and if you or anyone would want one...let me know.

I have more laying around somewhere. They are really cute. I have one in my bathroom....2 in my bedroom, and even one in my closet!! In my old house, we also had them around our house. Anyways, some cute ideas for the canvases are: Names, Sayings, Bible Verses, Parts of songs, Home Sweet Home, Dorm Sweet Dorm, Sorority saying or Sorority Letters/Name, Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween, etc. I can write anything you want on it! They also come in various different sizes. I'm just in desperate need of some extra money! I am trying to pay of the last four years of college and save up for a new car and it's not going too well! haha, anyways...if you would like one or know someone who would....don't hesitate to let me know!! :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. You should link Jennifer Durham's blog into this one...to give her the credit for introducing you to the reusable grocery bags, she'd be encouraged to hear that! I'm a big fan of the reusable bags, mainly because you can carry all the groceries in at once!
    I think it's a great idea for you to sell the signs/paintings you do. Did you ever take a picture of Aubrey's letters? If not, I'll take one and send them to you to post with the others. There's a website called etsy that several people I know joined to sell things they make, such as these signs, you should check it out.
    I'll do a post on my blog about your signs too, e-mail me all these pics and anymore that you have and I'll do the post this week!