Thursday, January 21, 2010

easy yummy recipe!

My sweet teacher friends always make this yummy chicken dip and bring it to school, so I decided to try it! It is perfect for eating with ritz crackers, saltines, or on a croissant as a little sandwich! It is sooo easy and so yummy. You should definitly try it!

Here's what you need:

Ritz Crackers (or Saltines/cracker of your choice/croissant), cream cheese (8oz), ranch dip (dry packet), and chicken (the kind in the can...don't know what its called)

I used the whipped cream cheese because it was easier to mix...however you can use the regular kind in the tub or the stick kind (is that what you call the other kind of cream cheese? lol). If you use the "stick kind", you'll probably have to let it sit out for a little bit to let it soften.

Also, I found some "All Natural" chicken so use that and its less fat! My crazy health nut of a boyfriend will appreciate that :)

My target was out of the regular ranch so I had to get buttermilk flavor--wasn't too sure if it would taste the same but it does!

*So, all you do is mix together all of the ingredients! I put the chicken in the bowl first so I could break the chunks of chicken up. I then added the cream cheese and stirred it a little, then added the ranch dip. Stir it up really good and here's what you get:

You can put it in a baking dish (if you make double the recipe), or a glass bowl like I used. Also, some teachers roll it up into a ball.

It is SOOOO good. The picture doesn't do it justice. You can also add bacon bits to the top of it. It makes a GREAT appetizer or lunch or snack :)

SO, the only other exciting thing that happened this week was........

I got a new dresser! I have been needing this soooo bad! My old dresser was skinny and TINY and I always ended up putting clothes on the floor beside my dresser because I could never fit everything in it. Well, Ty's cousin donated this one to me. :) I love it! The dark brown goes great with my brown/blue colors in my room. And it's HUGE and fits everything perfectly! Ty's parents brought it down on Tuesday :)

Deep thought for the day....
My "teacher" daily quiet time got me thinking the other night. It talked about how we shouldn't expect the worst each day but instead look at all the opportunities in front of us that God has given us. This really hit home because I literally count down the days to the weekend or to the next break from school I have. I started really thinking about this when my sweet teacher friend passed away in December. Life is so sweet and so short and I need to stop counting down days and start looking for all the opportunities to honor God in my day. I work with children. Sweet, sweet children. What better way to honor God than by teaching a child? I get so frustrated sometimes and lately I've been trying to relax, and talk to God all throughout the day and pray for patience and pray for the right words to say to my sweet babies. This week I have done really good not "counting down" to Friday. I didn't even realize today is Thursday. :) I really love the weekends, i mean...who doesn't? But I need to stop counting down to Friday and treasure each day I have and look for opportunities each day to honor God. Please continue to pray for me and that I will not count my days away. Life is too short to do that!

Happy Happy Thursday! :)


  1. I do the same thing, counting down the days instead of enjoying each day! Thanks for sharing this, I really needed to hear it! Oh and the recipe looks yummy!

  2. It's a "block" of cream cheese, not a "stick" ;)

    You are so right about counting your days away, I was really bad at that when I was teaching and still do it sometimes (count the hours 'til Ryan gets home to help w/ the kids or 'til the weekend). The Lord has really been teaching me to savor every moment with the kids b/c they grow up so fast!

    Love your new dresser!