Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lake Weekend!

Ty's dad got a new camera and we tried it out this weekend at the lake! Considering all anyone ever uses anymore is their iPhone camera, it is crazy to see the difference in quality of a regular camera vs. the ole iPhone camera!

We had the best weekend. It was so relaxing. We haven't been up there for the whole weekend in a long time (a lot of times we just go for the day), so it was nice to be able to stay up there for a few days. The only way I can be outside at this point in the Alabama heat is in the water so I enjoyed lots of hours Saturday and Sunday in a float.

Exhibit A. :) My mom, sister and brother in law joined us for the day on Saturday. I am so glad they came!!!

Emma is NON-stop at the lake. Swimming, riding on the sea-doo, fetching her toys in the water, barking at us from the dock, jumping in to check on everyone when they jump in, etc. She literally never stops. She was EXHAUSTED Sunday night when we got back! Sister loves the water!

I snapped this picture on my phone Saturday night from the screened in porch. Love sunsets at the lake. Breathtaking! We grew up going to my Meme & Granddaddy's lakehouse and our favorite thing was the mornings and late afternoons on the screened in porch. So everytime I'm out there, I get all nostalgic thinking of my childhood and missing my sweet grandparents. I am so thankful to be able to go to the lake with Ty's family now and so thrilled our children will get to experience the lake too!

Emma had some rest time on the float with her Aunt Casey on Sunday. :)

Ty's family's lakehouse is on a cliff, so there are about 100 steps down to the water. Needless to say, when you go don't come back up until you are ready for dinner. I went up and down those stairs THREE times this weekend and it didn't phase baby boy. He is still hanging tight in there! I am 39 weeks, 2 days today and getting super anxious! I am so ready to have that boy in my arms. I will try to come back soon with an update on weeks 36-39!

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