Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weeks 26-29!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am here today to play catch up!

And, just because we are so close to the end of the school year, I couldn't resist...


Ha! Ok, back to business....
Here is my pregnancy update for weeks 26-29!
How Far Along:
26 weeks: April 19 - 25
27 weeks: April 26 - May 2
28 weeks: May 3 - 9
29 weeks: May 10 - 16
26 weeks - 4.19.16
Size of Baby:
26 Weeks - baby is 14 in, 1.7lb, size of a coconut
27 Weeks - baby is 14.4 in, 1.9 lb; size of an acorn squash
28 Weeks - baby is 14.8 in, 2.2 lbs; size of a large eggplant
29 Weeks - baby is 15.2 in; 2.5lbs; size of a cauliflower
27 weeks, 4 days - 4.30.16
Maternity Clothes:
I finally bought a pair of maternity shorts a few weeks ago. Ty calls them my "mom shorts"! ha! :) I was living in my only 2 pair of nike shorts that fit on the weekend and since school is almost over, I probably won't be wearing my maternity jeans anymore...the Alabama heat is no joke! I still want to get one more pair of shorts - maybe some khakis or something comfy! I have noticed my regular tshirts are getting more snug by the day and I had to dig in Ty's drawers for some sleep shirts. I like my sleep shirts to be really big and mine weren't cutting it anymore!
28 weeks, 2 days - 5.5.16
BOY! We have it down to 2 names - I think. :) My husband is having a hard time deciding on one. We are going to call him one name this week and the other name next week and then maybe that will help him decide. :) We have gone back and forth with several names but maybe we have it narrowed down now?!?! We will see. :)
First load of itty bitty baby boy laundry!!!

Around week 28-29 we were laying in bed and Ty had his hand on my belly and we felt his hiccups for the first time! I had been dying to feel them because my pregnancy app on my phone said a few weeks ago that I could start feeling them! He gets them a lot in the morning and at night when I am in bed. I've also noticed he will get them when I flip over from side to side at night. It is the sweetest, but definitely keeps me up when he has them. :) He is still rolling all around in there and most active when I am still. He hates to be smushed when I am bent over my teacher table while teaching small group or sitting on the floor. Anything where he feels confined, ha! He is sure to let mama know ;) He must be claustrophobic like me!!
29 weeks, 2 days - 5.12.16
I mentioned this in my last post but I haven't been sleeping great, mainly because I toss and turn all night long. My legs start cramping when I have been on one side too long. I sleep with a pillow between my legs but I wonder if I might need 2 or something? Also, when I toss and turn, it wakes little man up and he think its party time in my belly! ha! I have apparently also started snoring horribly and Ty has resorted to sleeping in the guest bedroom most nights....oops!
What I miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, wine!
Still Pickles & anything sour - sour skittles, sour patch kids, etc!
I mentioned acne in my last post (ugh), shortness of breath has begun recently as well...cleaning the house, walking fast, picking things up, etc...all causes me to lose my breath easily- ha! It makes me feel so out of shape!
Best Moment of the week (or should I say month? ha!):
Watching my belly move all around, feeling hiccups, getting his nursery ready, my baby shower (post coming soon!)
What I'm looking forward to:
Holding him!!!!

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