Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weeks 24-25

Over a month has passed and I have had every intention of posting pregnancy updates but my oh my, life! Between writing thank you notes, family functions, end of the school year craziness, working on the nursery, my baby shower, working on the yard, I haven't had the energy or time to update! I am now almost 30 weeks (YAYYY!!!!) but need to back up to where I left off! 

How far along:
Week 24: April 5-11
Week 25: April 12-18
25 weeks, 1 day (4.13.16)

Size of baby:
24 weeks - 11.8 inches, 1.3 lbs; baby is the size of a large zucchini
25 weeks - 13.6 inches, 1.5 lbs; baby is the size of a large cucumber 

Maternity Clothes:
Around this time was when I pretty much stopped wearing my regular shirts because I was afraid they were going to start stretching. I have about 5-6 maternity shirts on rotation for work with my 2 pairs of maternity jeans! 

Boy! No name :)

Around this time I started to notice my belly moving from the outside! I had obviously been feeling him from the inside for weeks but I got him on video around this time making my belly move! It totally freaked ty out at first, HA! 

I toss and turn pretty much all night. My legs start to hurt when I've been on one side for too long. Flipping to the other side sure is a chore! And usually wakes little man up, making it hard to go back to sleep. ;)

What I miss: 
Wine. That is all. 

pickles, anything sour

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before but HELLO ACNE. I have always struggled with acne but it hasn't been this bad in a LONG time. I am so self conscience about it and nothing seems to help!

Best moment of the week: 
clearly these weeks were over a month ago so I can't remember specifics of each week but I would say definitely me and Ty seeing him move my belly! 

What I'm looking forward to
holding that sweet baby in my arms. I cannot wait! 

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