Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break Waco Trip!

Who loves these 2 as much as I do??

My friend, Melissa and I made the trip to Waco last week for a few days of my Spring Break!! She planned the whole trip for us and we had a ball! It was so fun!

Even though we didn't get to see Chip and Jo (bummer), we got to visit the Silos & shop at Magnolia, Clint's shop Harp Design Co, Spice Village, all of Joanna's favorite antique shops around town, and their Bed & Breakfast! I also ate the best sandwich I've ever eaten in my life at a cute little sandwich shop in downtown Waco.

We flew into Dallas on Wednesday morning and made the 2 hour drive to Waco. After we checked into the hotel and rested for a little bit, we headed to the Silos! We could see them from our room and were within walking distance but we drove each time we went.

Headed out of the hotel on day 1! So excited!

First glimpse of the Silos

The Store!

Madness everyday in the store. This was actually the least chaotic day!

These food trucks stay on the grounds all the time and are open for lunch everyday! We ate lunch from the grilled cheese food truck and got a yummy juice from the juice food truck on day 2. yummy!

besties on day 1!

Right when you walk in the store this is what you see.

After we walked around the Silos for a little while we grabbed dinner at a local taco place and I got some yummy breakfast tacos! After dinner we were showered and in bed watching tv by about 7pm, which was perfectly fine for this pregnant lady! Love me a good cozy hotel bed!

On Thursday we woke up, ate a yummy breakfast at the hotel and headed out. We were gone ALL day wandering around all of Waco! First, we went back to the Silos for some juice and we both got a watermelon, grape, and mint juice. The weather was BEAUTIFUL this day so we just sat at the picnic tables & chatted.

day 2 hotel mirror selfie :)

Gorgeous Day!

So There's a big grassy area behind the store with lots of games and balls for all the kids to play with. Genius idea to have that for all the dads and kids while the women shop inside. :)

Behind the grassy area is a huge area full of picnic tables and then behind that is where the food trucks are parked!

Day 2 obligatory picture in front of the store!

This cute little building has a garden in front of it and it is going to be a garden shop in the near future!

Love this one. She is a keeper!

Our yummy juice!
We ended up walking in the store around lunchtime but it was JAMMED PACKED so we left and decided to come back later!

We headed to Clint's store first and it was so cute. I found some cute wooden ornaments, and a white washed wooden L for the nursery. Clint's workshop was right behind the shop and his house that they redid on the show was right next door so we got to snap a few pictures of it! So pretty!

Inside Harp Design Co

Clint's House!
 After Harp Design Co, we found the original Magnolia Market on Bosque Street. It was too cute!

It was a tiny little shop, they for sure needed to upgrade :)

Dreamy, Gorgeous sliding barn doors inside the shop!

After that stop, we went to Spice Market. It is a huge "mall" where different booths were set up! They had clothes, jewelry, antiques, gifts, etc. Melissa found an adorable long necklace and some postcards!

After Spice Market we headed to McGregor to find Magnolia House (their bed & breakfast). It was about a 30 minute drive but so worth it! It was so gorgeous!!!

Gorgeous right?!?!

The redid this house on the Season Finale last week! Its the carriage house located right behind the bed & breakfast and the people who run the bed & breakfast live here. It was stunning too!

They obviously wouldn't let you go in but we had fun just seeing it from the outside!

On the way back to the hotel, we spotted 2 antique shops and wandered around inside. We got some old antique books (can never have too many of those, can you??) and some cute little old ducks for the nursery (Ty is a big duck hunter so I thought they'd be perfect!).

We stopped back by Magnolia and got a few more things before going to dinner at a yummy place that had lots of good comfort food! We crashed at the hotel after dinner and I enjoyed another lovely night in the comfy hotel bed...could they be any more comfortable? #ilovehotelbeds

On Friday, we woke up and had breakfast the hotel, packed up, and headed back out to the Silos one last time! It was rainy that day so we thought the store wouldn't be too hectic but it was! The rain doesn't stop some fixer upper lovers!!!

I ended up getting a Waco shirt, a coffee creamer jar, a little flower vase, and a Magnolia tea towel for my kitchen. Of course we wanted ALL THE THINGS but since we flew (and I carried my bag on), we had to be particular about what we bought! Melissa checked her bag and it was 52 pounds on the way back. #oops


Saying goodbye to the Silos

We had been talking the whole trip about finding the little green shotgun house that they recently redid. When we were literally about to get back on the interstate to head back to Dallas I spotted it from several streets over. Melissa immediately turned around and we found it! How cute!!!

The 4 fixer uppers we saw on our trip!
We headed back to Dallas on Friday afternoon, returned the rental car, and checked into a super fancy I'm talking the shades automatically went up when we walked in the door, the tv turned on and said "Welcome Melissa" and there were controls on the bedside table for lights, the temperature, and the shades. Oh my! We ate dinner at the hotel, and were in bed by about 8, but we both had trouble sleeping because we knew we had to get up at 4!

After an eventful security check in the Dallas airport, almost missing the boarding process, and a quick flight back to ATL, I was back on the road to Bham around 8:30am and home by 10:30am! Nothing like being in 3 states before 11am :)

I cannot thank my sweet best friend Melissa for planning this trip for us. I love going on adventures with her!

If you love the show as much as we do, we highly recommend putting this trip on your bucket list. It is so worth the trip!!!

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  1. It sounds like you had so much fun! Waco is such a cute town! I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Texas! :)