Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weeks 21-23

Well, I am totally failing at these weekly posts! I haven't updated in almost a month...oops!!!

Here we go, lets dive right in! I left off right after our 20 week anatomy scan and now I am about to go for my 24 week appointment and glucose test! Fingers crossed that I pass! :)

How Far Along:
21 weeks: March 15th - 21st
21 weeks (3.15.16)

22 weeks: March 22nd - 28th
22 weeks, 1 day (3.23.16)

23 weeks: March 29th - April 4th
23 weeks, 5 days (4.4.16)

Size of Baby:
21 weeks: 10.5 inches, 12.7oz, baby is the size of a pomegranate
22 weeks:  10,9 inches, 15.2oz, baby is the size of a papaya
23 weeks: 11.4 inches, 1.1lbs, baby is the size of an ear of corn

Maternity Clothes:
I have given up my regular jeans for good. They are just too uncomfortable! During the week, I'm wearing my maternity jeans some days, maxi skirts some days, and leggings and tunics some days. I have about 8 outfits on repeat! I like to change into workout clothes (if I go to the gym that day) or yoga pants and a tshirt as soon as I get home!

Easter Sunday (3.26.16)

Sweet Baby Boy! He still doesn't have a name...maybe soon?!?!

Ty felt him move for the first time a few weeks ago - maybe around 20 or 21 weeks? It was a very special moment for the both of us! He loves to keep his hand on my belly and wait for him to kick his hand. :) It is so sweet and something I will always remember! Within the last week or so, he has become VERY active! I absolutely love feeling him move and kick around! Around the beginning of week 23 his kicks started feeling more like movements, which is such a cool feeling! Ty can tell as well when he is moving, instead of just kicking.

Sunday morning we were laying in bed and Ty turned Clay Walker and Diamond Rio on his iPhone and we put it up to my belly and lets just say our little guy LOVES him some country music! He went completely nuts...it was too cute!

Sleep: I am still having leg cramps at night but (knock on wood) haven't had one in a week or so! That's the only issue I am having when sleeping! I do toss and turn a lot but seem to fall back asleep quickly!

What I Miss: Starbucks....I know I can drink coffee but I am really trying not to. I am not addicted to Starbucks or anything but I do miss getting it every now and then!

Cravings: Pickles, Pickles, and more Pickles.

Symptoms: Leg Cramps! Other than that I've been feeling great!

Best Moment of the Week:
21 weeks: Ty feeling him move for the first time - I'm not sure if it was week 20 or 21 but either way, it was awesome!
22 weeks: feeling his movements, not just kicks!
23 weeks: my best friend Melissa got to feel him move several times on our spring break trip to Waco!

Melissa and I in Waco at Magnolia! (23 weeks, 2 days)

What I'm Looking Forward To:
Hearing that sweet little heartbeat on Monday at my next appointment & painting his bedroom furniture this week

My cousin Karlie and I! I am 22 weeks here, and she is 18 weeks!


  1. I am loving your updates! You look adorable and I couldn't help but giggle because you have on stripes in all three photos ;).

    1. Thank you friend!!! And oh girl, believe me when I say I have about 8 outfits on repeat!!!! HA!!!!