Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fashion Friday...except on Saturday

I had every intention of posting this yesterday so please excuse the title! I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite items from Amanda Lee Boutique every Friday! So, here we go! 

{oversized pikos - $16, several colors available}

How cute is my bestie, Allison, in her new coral piko? She paired it perfectly with a cute scarf and leggings! She is also a fellow teacher and us teachers love ALB's affordable items! There's no reason you can't look cute going to work and be on a teacher's budget. :)

{blanket scarves - $23.50, several patterns available}

This. Scarf. 

I would wear it every day if you wouldn't judge me. It's SO soft and so comfy and so cute! I had a meeting on Thursday and paired it with a grey shirt, some skinny jeans, and my brown boots! I felt so warm and cozy all day!

This dress is just so darn cute. I've worn in several times already since I got it in late December. It's long enough to wear with leggings and flats to work, and I love how my new long necklace looks with it! I work with kids all day and I am up and down and all over the place so I love to be comfortable at work! Unfortunately, this particular dress is sold out but there are several more dress options on the website!

{side button tunics- $23.99}

How cute are these new tunics? There are several more color options available (more just added today) and so many styling options - long necklace, statement necklace, scarf, etc! And it's perfect for spring! 

{Cheeta Print Top - $29.99}
This adorable new Cheeta print top has sequin shoulders and is totally fabulous! Animal print & sparklies? Yes, please!
Ps- sparklies is totally a word. 

{CC beanies - $12}

Listen, I'm not a huge hat person. And Ty isn't a fan of me in hats so I rarely wear them. I love how they look on other people but I always think I look weird in any kind of hat. I knew I wanted one of these beanies, especially for our Gatlinburg trip last weekend, because we would be outside for long periods of time and I wanted to stay warm. I may still look like a fool (yall can be the judge of that) but I LOVED IT! I forgot it one night when we were walking around and my head was frozen! And I like to think I still looked cute while trying to stay warm. ;) There are several color options available in these beanies! 

{Color Block Shirt - $23.50}

I just love any color block shirt and this one is no exception! I love the peach/navy combo!

{fuchsia tunic with sequin pocket - $23.99}

I ADORE this tunic!!!! What more could you want? Bright Color & sparklies? It's a win-win!!!!

I am hoping to do one of these posts each Friday to update you on my favorites from Amanda Lee Boutique! You can find me on Instagram at @klatham_alb and all of these items on! 

Enjoy 10% off your purchase each time you order using my code - KATHLEENREP

Happy Shopping, Friends!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Honeymoon, Part 4!

So, now that we've been married for 6 months (whoa!!!), I figured I should recap the rest of our honeymoon! 

On Friday, we drove about 2 hours down to Key West! We walked around for a few hours taking in all that Key West has to's a beautiful city! 

After walking around for awhile, we drove to their local airport and boarded this:

We took a 45 minute sea plane ride to Dry Tortugas, which is a group of islands at the end of the Florida Keys. The sea plane ride was so cool! I was afraid it would be too small for my chlosterphobic self but other than it being blazing hot, it was pretty fun! The view was amazing & the pilot told us lots of awesome facts about things we saw on the way. The water was CRYSTAL clear blue, so pretty! It was absolutely GORGEOUS! We snorkeled for about 2 hours, walked around the island, and took it all in while we could. 

The island has a huge brick structure surrounding it with a courtyard in the middle, and a moat around the outside. They used to keep prisoners here!

Before we boarded the plane back to Key West!!

After we got back to Key West, we watched the sunset and walked around before eating dinner and heading back to our resort on Duck Key! Key West was beautiful but one day was enough for me. ;)

That pretty much wraps up our first week as The Lathams! On Saturday we just hung out by the pool til it was time to drive to the Ft. Lauderdale airport and head home. I am already begging Ty to go back! It was amazing! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lately at the Latham's

Happy Sunday! 

I figured a good ole picture post would be perfect for this post. Ok, maybe I'm just being lazy.

I'm smack in the middle of half marathon training! Last Sunday I ran 7 miles and it. was. brutal. Holy moly I thought I may fall over. I had been sick for 2 weeks (I'm still trying to shake my cough) and I don't think I ate enough before I ran and let's just say it was my worst run ever. Like ever since I started running 6 years ago. But, I did it and this week was much better! I ran 8 miles this afternoon and breezed through. Ok, maybe that was a lie....but it was SO much better than last week! ;)

Emma and I have a little routine at night that I just love. She is SUCH a daddy's girl but at night, she's totally all about her mama. She knows I go to bed before Ty and most nights she will come and jump in bed while I'm still in the shower! She loves to get as close to me as possible before we start snoozin. Love my snuggle time with her!

I don't know about where you live but here in Alabama, it was FREEZING this past week. We even had a delayed start of school on Thursday because it was so cold! We enjoyed lots of couch time under blankets this week! 

Yesterday I went to Luke's basketball game & enjoyed time with my sweet nieces and nephews! Luke loves basketball and is actually really good at it. I lost count of how many baskets he made!! I love watching him in his element! After the game, we took mom to brunch for an early birthday celebration. For my local friends, we went to Over Easy right off 280 (the Hollywood Blvd exit) and it was delicious! I don't know how I've lived on 280 for 2 years and never tried it! 

I won several pairs of Bombas socks from Julie at PBFingers (do you follow her? If not, you totally should! She writes about food & exercise!) and I am in love with them! They are super comfy and awesome running socks! Bombas is such a cool company - they are like TOMs but for socks - for every pair purchased, they donate a pair of socks to a charity! How cool! 

And some random information for your Sunday - I have a new instagram account (don't ever log out of your account if you don't know your password...caused me a headache for days!). You can find me now at @kathleen_latham and my Amanda Lee Boutique account is @klatham_alb! 

Hope everyone stays warm and has a great week! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a day late but I still wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy new year! I love the fresh start a new year brings. After eating all that junk and usually not being active for a few weeks, I love the thought of starting fresh in January! I've been sick and haven't been able to run or work out for a week so I'm ready to shake this cough and get back on it! I've got 7 miles to run this weekend at some point (That is, if the sun ever decides to show up in Birmingham again - it's been raining for weeks, seriously!). My half marathon is in February and training is the perfect way to kickstart some awesome goals! 

Our friends Chase & Rachel invited us over on New Years Eve so we ate dinner with them and then hung out with Ty's family the rest of the night! They put on a pretty good fireworks show too! 

New Years always brings back good memories because 7 years ago, I got my last first kiss! Ty waited awhile to kiss me for the first time and it was extra special because he did it at midnight so there were fireworks...literally. :)

Here we were 7 years ago!!!
Hello, babies!!!

New Year's Day there was a lot of this going on:

And then, as you all know, my team lost in a pretty big heartbreak game last night! We played horrible for 2 straight quarters though so we deserved it. That doesn't make it any easier though! Especially when so much was riding on one game. Oh well, time to get ready for next year! 

Staying true to the New Years theme, why don't we set some goals for 2015??

1. Go to bed between 9-9:30. I have struggled with this ever since I started teaching 6 years ago, but it's been bad since I got married. I'm a night owl so I like staying up late but I'm always tired the next day! I did ok when I lived by myself but when we got married, I started going to bed later and later! I guess I felt like we weren't spending a lot of time together by the time I got off work, went to the gym, and cooked dinner. But, for my sanity and health, I've got to be showered and in the bed by 9:30!!! I am really going to try to stick with this goal!

2. Run a half marathon in February. Being sick the past week and a half hasn't helped my training but I'm ok. I need to do 7 miles this weekend and I'll be back!

3. Go to the gym (or do something active) 3-4 times a week. This is always a goal I try to stick to every year! 

4.  Stick to my budget. Ty and I have officially merged our bank accounts so I've got to get my crap together and stick to our budget! The better I do, the quicker we get a house, right?? :)

5. Read several books this summer. I don't read during the school year - ain't nobody got time for that. So this will be a summer goal! I still have a list of books from last summer I never got to so I am looking forward to this!

I think 5 good goals is enough, right? No need to make too many and then not follow through. :)

Who else made some good goals for 2015?