Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas with the Lathams

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too! We have been relaxing and enjoying this time off with family and friends! Here is a picture recap from our Christmas!
Every year we take a hayride through our town to look at Christmas lights. Ty's dad blares Christmas music and we sing and enjoy the lights! This year we even stopped by our church's live nativity and let the kids get out and see the fun animals! It is always so fun and we look forward to this tradition all year. Here we are with our niece, Kate. She enjoyed the hayride from her Uncle Ty's lap this year!

My sister Christen and I made a whopping 14 pans of Ree Drummond's Cinnamon Rolls and if you have never made them before - do it. It is work. And it is messy. But they are so good! And I enjoyed giving several pans away to family and friends. Ty and I still have 2 pans in the freezer to enjoy for breakfast or dessert!

On the Tuesday before Christmas the cousins on my dad's side of the family got together for our annual Christmas cookie making party. I love this tradition and I know our Nana and Poppy are smiling down from heaven as we continue this tradition in their honor. Love my sweet cousins! Here are the girls!
 Christmas Eve started at my parents house with the whole crew. Here they are in order from oldest to youngest (minus Grant, who is the youngest being held by big brother Luke). Aren't they just precious?
 We thoroughly enjoyed lots of yummy brunch food before waiting impatiently until it was time to dig into the presents. I wish I would have videoed or taken pictures while the madness was going on. We had no order, there were children opening presents left and right, tissue paper and wrapping paper and bags ALL OVER THE FLOOR and lots of happy kids.
After we opened presents, we rested for awhile and the men helped put together some of the gifts so the kids could play with them. Then we did another favorite tradition of mine that my Meme started when we were little - the kids acted out the Christmas Story. My brother in law read it from the bible and each kid came out when their part was read. I vividly remember doing this year after year at my Meme and Granddaddy's house and I love that we are carrying on this tradition with the next generation!

Poor baby looks less than thrilled to have his picture made but a baby and Christmas attire? #cutenessoverload

We ended the night with dinner at Ty's aunt and uncle's house, then dessert with my dad's side of the family!
Christmas Morning Ty and I woke up, at sausage and egg pie, and exchanged gifts and opened our stockings together. After we got ready, we headed down the street to his parents house where we enjoy his mom's yummy sausage wheels and opened presents with them. I enjoyed relaxing in the recliner in my new pjs and new slippers - heaven!
We ended the day with Ty's mom's side of the family at his aunt and uncle's house. We decided we would wear our pjs, make soup, and enjoy and laid back day. Besides the fact that it stormed ALL day, it was 75 degrees outside, we lost power for half the day, and we spent about an hour squeezed into a bathroom hiding from a tornado, it was an awesome Christmas...but weird, for sure. We had fun playing dirty santa and the oven mitt game (have yall heard of this??? it was HILARIOUS!!! I will have to write a post about that later), and enjoying each other's company. We played games in the dark and good thing his aunt had an obnoixuous light up necklace on, because it came in handy....
HA! Isn't she cute? She even had light up earrings to match!
 The rest of the break we have been doing this.....
On Sunday, I drove to my best friend, Melissa's house in Georgia to surprise her. It was the best!!! I think she was totally shocked. :) We enjoyed some low key time together and I LOVE her house all the time but during's just dreamy.
I came back yesterday and today was spent taking down Christmas decorations (depressing) and going to SAMs and Walmart because we had exactly NO food in our house. While we were gone, Emma decided she was going to have a snack...
We brag and brag on her to other people about never having to worry about her chewing anything and how she never went through a chewing phase. Well, she dedided to repay us by chewing our yearly ornament from last year! Little turd. I am super bummed because it was from our first married Christmas but Ty's mom said to save it, it will make for a good story every year when I dig out our ornaments.
That wraps up our Christmas. I am looking forward to another few days on the couch before I tackle the 2nd half of the school year. I am planning on doing a "2015 wrap up" post tomorrow. We had some big milestones this year but I am super excited to see what 2016 holds for us!

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