Monday, December 21, 2015

1st Christmas in our house!

Today I thought I'd share some Christmas decorations around our house!! I have loved decorating our home for our first Christmas here! 

I made this Christmas door hanger with my bible study group! One of Ty's mom's friends came and walked us through how to make our own and it was so fun! Here is everyone with their hangers...

Everyone's turned out so cute!!!

My sweet friend Rachel got me this cookie plate for Christmas, but gave it to me several weeks ago so I have enjoyed displaying it on my counter!

Found this sparkly gem at Kirklands before thanksgiving and I'm in love with it! It sits on the window right above my sink! 

I decided to display my Christmas cards on the window above my sink and I love them there! When I wash dishes I just love having something to look at!!! This Merry Christmas block came from either Michaels or Kirklands, I can't remember!!

Can you tell I took these pictures awhile ago?? Considering there's 4 days til Christmas, I'd say I meant to write this post a few weeks ago! Oops! :) This cute Christmas countdown came from Kirklands! (I have a slight obsession with that place, can you tell?)

One of my old coworkers gave me this cute tea towel several years ago and I dig it out every year. Love it!!!!

And here's our sparkly tree. We underestimated how tall it could be so its a little shrimp this year but I still love it!!! 

And here's what makes me happy...
Puppy, twinkly lights. All is right in the world.

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!!!

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