Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two years old

Last weekend our Emma turned 2! We had a little issue concerning what day it actually was (the 21st or 22nd???) but Ty found her papers and it indeed was the 21st (mama was wrong). I'm almost certain we celebrated it last year on the 22nd so let's hope when children come around we are better about remembering their birthdays. Parent fail.

Look at this baby!!!

Oh my goodness it's hard to believe she used to look like that! What a chunk. Isn't she cute??? 

I took her on a birthday walk & Ty cooked her grilled chicken so I'd say she had a good birthday weekend! :)

Being the birthday girl sure is tiring!!! 


In other news, I officially ended the month of February running/walking 39.5 miles. My goal was 44 miles so I wasn't that far off. I was SO far behind because of those snow/rain days we had earlier this month, and I never thought I'd make it even close to the goal so I'm pretty proud of myself!!

I had started half marathon training for the Rock n Roll half in Nashville on April 26th but I decided my bank account couldn't afford it. :( I am really sad because I had already started training and was looking forward to my 2nd half marathon but there will be others. I'm toiling with the idea of doing Disney's wine and dine half in November. My friend Molly is doing it and my running buddy Melissa & I may join her!!! you run at night too! How cool is that? Sounds awesome to me!!

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