Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh my!

I don't know how on earth it's been so long since I last posted!!! Here's a photo post on what I've been up to!

January 28th: The first snow of the year and it snuck up on us! If you live in Birmingham or Atlanta, you know how this ended.

They closed the main road to my apartment so I couldn't get home from school.

I got stuck at a teacher friend's house and we had SO much fun. So thankful for amazing co-workers!

This was day 2 of being stranded! I did end up making it home this day and Ty came to rescue me from my apartment and brought me to his parents house! We were out of school for 3 1/2 days!

We took emma sledding the next day!!

January 29th: The sunsets this winter have been pretty spectacular! 

Baby Ryce got to come home in early February! Praise God!

February 8th: we threw our sweet friend Allison a monograms and mimosas shower!!

I bought 4 things from @shopkarlyscloset on Instagram! I may have a problem! ;) Check her out! She has great pre-loved clothes in great condition for great prices!!!

February 12th: the 2nd snow of the year! It was the most gorgeous snow I've ever seen! We racked up almost 4 inches! We were out of school for 3 days this time!

Our snowman :)

The Malibu doesn't know what all this snow is about! 

February 14thWe celebrated Valentines Day in 1st grade! 

And I celebrated at home with my love! 

February 16th: I got to snuggle baby Ryce at Levi's birthday party!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Levi!!!

Oh yea, and I started training for my 2nd half marathon!!!!

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