Sunday, March 9, 2014

This weekend

We had a great sunny weekend here in Alabama! I am loving this spring weather! Hope it sticks around :)

Friday night I met mom, dad, and granddaddy at dinner and then Ty and I watched a movie (ok, I fell asleep & Ty watched a movie by himself). 

Saturday we celebrated Ty's aunt's birthday at Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!! And then shopped around a little and I got 2 dresses for wedding festivities!

Saturday night we went to Chase & Rachel's for dinner and then went to the rodeo with them! Ty and I went to a smaller rodeo last year & had a blast so it was neat seeing a bigger one this year! It mind boggles me how they stay on those bulls and how they don't break their necks everytime they fall off. 

Loved our rodeo double date night! 

Me and sweet Rachel! We are so thankful for her and Chase's friendship! 

Today we went to the park with the kids and took emma on a walk! What a beautiful day it was! And I am SO loving that it didn't get dark til after 7! Come on summer!

In other news, only 132 days til I marry this hunk...

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