Sunday, November 10, 2013


My oh my I've had a fun weekend!!!! 

Babysitting the kids Friday afternoon!!!

My friend Melissa came into town Thursday and we went to Christmas Village (an arts and crafts show) with my sister Christen! We stocked up on our Christmas presents. I only have a few more to get! 

Friday, Melissa got to come to my classroom for the afternoon and meet my kids! They loved having a special guest. :)

Mom & dad got me tickets to the Bama/lsu game for my birthday back in August and yesterday, I finally got to use them. :) Since Melissa was in town and she has never been to a Bama game, she went to the game with me!! I was so excited for her to finally experience a game. :)

On our way to ttown!!

Strolling the girls around campus...stopped in for some ice cream on the strip! 

Aubrey got to be a football player! 

Tailgating with my sweet friends! 

Before the game! 

Roll tide! 

I even ran into my sweet friends, Amanda and Kristin! 

We had so much fun yesterday. I think mom & dad did a pretty good job on the birthday gift this year. It will be hard to top ;)

Oh, and the Bama victory over lsu was icing on the cake. What an awesome game!!!!

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