Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New phone!

This is my first post on my new phone!! Here's what I've been up to since I got my new phone...

Allison & I waiting for the homecoming parade! I love working in a small town for many different reasons but this day every year just may be my favorite. I absolutely love that the high school homecoming parade comes to the elementary school and loops through our parking lot so our sweet babies can see the parade! Our kids think it's the best thing ever and love gathering candy from the big kids on the trucks! 

2 Saturdays ago 2 of my sisters and my mom & I spent ALL day in the kitchen making apple butter, apple sauce and apple  pie! We had FOUR crockpots going! It smelled like fall for sure :)

My little sister Jeri with baby Kate! That hair. 

I was sick all last week and even missed a day of school. Emma and Ty came over to tend to me and Emma thought getting as close as possible to me would make it all better... :) 

I absolutely love that dogs know when something is wrong. Emma always knows when I'm sick or upset about something & always tries to cuddle to make it better! 

Molly checked up on me Thursday to see if I was feeling better. This picture came along with the text "are you feeling better? If not, this face should make you feel better!" :) oh how I love that sweet face!!!!!!

This past Saturday we supported Ty's cousin Laurie (2nd one from the right) in walking in the race for the cure! Laurie was diagnosed with breast cancer in June just 10 weeks after losing her husband to cancer in April. She is officially in remission but still continuing her chemo to make sure no horrible cancer cells are left!!! I was so honored to walk with her on Saturday! I look up to her in so many ways! What a strong, Godly woman she is. Her team raised over $11,000 and came in 2nd place!!

Monday morning therapy on my drive into work!

Hope your week is going great!! It's almost huuummmp daaaayyy! Whoop whoop! 

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