Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A girl can dream, right?

Ty and I have been looking at houses for awhile now. He swears he won't buy one until we are married so we aren't pay a rent & mortgage at the same time so I really don't know why we look but I. Am. Not. Complaining.

I am slightly obsessed with going on walks and looking for houses for sale. We love peeking in the empty ones and then rushing home to find them on the internet to look at more pictures.

Recently, I have been pinning a lot of ideas for our future home on Pinterest. I hope someday soon I can put all these ideas in our home! :)
I just LOVE this deep couch. How awesome would it be to nap on this baby? I can't stand when we watch tv or movies and can't lay down on the couch comfortably because someone is always laying weird & uncomfortable or falling off the couch. ha! This couch would solve all those problems.

Can you say Dream Kitchen?

Say it again. Dream Kitchen.

I thought this was precious for a kids bathroom!

Ty and I are not shying away from fixer-uppers. Many houses in the area we are looking in are old houses and if they haven't been updated, they will certainly be fxer-uppers. Ty & his dad can pretty much build or re-do anything so doing renovations do not scare me. How awesome is this transformation?
Stop. It. Dream Kitchen #3. Love the blue island!
Front Porch Swing. Ty knows good and well that if the house we buy doesn't have a front porch, he's building me one. ;)

Door to garage painted blue. LOVE. that door always does seem to be the dirtiest!

Love these colors for a master bedroom.

Another awesomely large & comfy couch!
What on earth did we do before Pinterest? Sheesh!


  1. I get giddy looking at houses. When we bought ours 11 years ago, it was a fixer upper (for 7 months). I was pregnant and we were living with my in laws! We finally got the house done, completely moved in on a Monday and went into labor on Thursday. Some days I thought I would give birth in Lowes! We are now peeking at off base military housing. Lots of fun1

    1. How funny that you went into labor right after y'all moved in!!! That was all God!! :)