Thursday, June 13, 2013

24 miles

I've logged 24 miles this month so far! 32 miles left with 17 days remaining. This month will be challenging because of my 2 beach trips! I brought my running attire on my first trip and you guessed it, they stayed in my suitcase the whole time. Oops! Hopefully I will do better on my next beach trip. :)


I have been trying to run & walk each time, I like to warm up by walking and then end my run with a cool-down walk as well. An easy way to stack up the miles!!

When I was home last week, mom & I walked and one night we had a walking buddy. How cute is he??!

I've said this before but I really don't know how I ran before I had my BicBand!  It makes such a huge difference, especially on smoking hot days!You don't   realize how hot hair on your face or neck makes you. I need to buy another one!!! My poor zebra one gets alot of use.

My favorite thing to do after I run is stick my feet in the pool!! 

24/56 miles in June 

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