Saturday, April 27, 2013

What a Fun Saturday!

This morning started out with a 5k at 8am for me! My sister, Christen ran it with me and it was her first 5k! I was so proud of her! She has been running lately but has only gotten to about 2 miles, so I told her it was totally fine to walk/run the 3.1 miles!! However, she had other plans - sister ran the whole thing in 33:30! My sister heart is proud. :)

I was trying to beat my previous 5k PR but I have to report that I missed it by 32 seconds! Boo! My PR was 28:28 and I crossed the finish line today right at 29 minutes! Oh well, the course had a few hills so I blame them. :)

Daddy came to support us and he was right at the finish line taking pictures like a good daddy does.

After the race, we headed to my nephew's little league t-ball game. It was quite amusing and so cute!!

We then grabbed lunch & went to my cousin's baseball game. He's a senior and his team is in the playoffs! He played great and they came out with a W in the bottom of the 7th! We took Luke and Aubrey and they had fun cheering on Will! (Ok, so maybe all Aubrey did was drag me to the bathroom & concession stand over & over, play with my phone, play with my lipgloss, and ask if the game was over everytime the inning changed :) haha!!) She did yell for Will several times though when he was up to bat! ;)

I finally jumped in the shower around 5 and then Ty & I took Emma and Poppy for a walk and peeked in some vacant houses for sale in the neighborhood. I have major house fever (yes I know, I JUST moved into my apartment but I can't help it!!!!). It's fun to dream though, right? ;)

I am now parked in front of the TV on an air mattress with a fuzzy blanket. I hope y'all had just as great of a Saturday as I did!

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