Monday, April 8, 2013

48 miles in April

My friend, Kristin, posted a challenge on Instagram that I decided to join in on this month! The challenge was to run 48 miles in the month of April.

After my half marathon, I hit the gym about 4 days a week and would run here & there on the treadmill but nothing consistent. I recently had to cancel my gym membership for a few months (which I am super bummed about) so I thought this challenge would be good for this month!

I started a little late and so I feel behind the game but hopefully I'll catch up this week!

As of today I am at 7.5/48 miles. Today i went to a park not far from my apartment and it was a beautiful park but it was gravel and I am used to running on pavement so I was not a fan. It was almost as bad as running on sand! blah!

Follow my challenge on Instagram (@kealfano) or even better, join in on the challenge! Use hashtag #48milesinapril on Instagram!

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