Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ty rescued a sweet puppy (well, we thought she was a puppy) last week from an abandoned house. We tried to find a home for her but Ty's mom decided to keep her instead. :) We thought she was around 4 months old but the vet said about a year and a half. She is mostly lab but has to have something else in her because she is smaller than Emma and Emma still has some growing to do!

Ty kept calling her puppy and it turned into poppy so that is what has stuck! Ty's mom thinks its too manly but I think it's cute!!!!

She is so sweet and cuddly and I love that she will sit in my lap with me for long periods of time! Emma is still living life as a puppy and can't sit still for that long, ha!

Emma and poppy have been playing great with each other. Their favorite game is tug of war!! :)

I don't know how you can leave a puppy behind at a house that you moved out of but I am glad we gave poppy a loving home!!! She has already brought so much joy to us in just one week!

Here are some pictures of them:

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