Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I went home last weekend and had a great time. I don't get home enough and every time I go, I swear I'm going to go once a month but life gets in the way and it doesn't happen. I love home. As much as I am eager for my parents to move back to Birmingham, a part of me will be sad that I will no longer be able to go "home".

Mom and I (ok, dad too...) watched about 3 hallmark movies over the weekend, ate an amazing breakfast saturday morning, went shopping with my 2 best friends, and cooked dinner Saturday night for the Bama/UT game. We had Melissa and Matt over to watch the game. Matt is a Tennessee fan so we had a divided house for the game! Thankfully for dad and I, Bama won. :)

Sunday Melissa and I went running and dominated our 4.5 miler!!! Our 10k is in a week and a half and I think we are about ready!! :)

I stayed a little later than normal on Sunday and dad washed my car before I left! Never to old for daddy to take care of you and your car, right?? ;)

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