Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bryant-Denny, I've missed you!

Yesterday dad and I headed to Tuscaloosa for the Bama game! We had a great time tailgating with the family and going to the game! Our seats were awesome! 30 yard line, 11 rows up! This might sound corny but when I walked through the tunnel and saw the field for the first time in a year, I got chills! The weather was perfect and we shutout Western Kentucky which was icing on the cake. Daddy/daughter dates are the best, especially when they involve Alabama Football :)!!!

The one picture I got of dad and I didn't turn out too good of me...I look like a boy with my hair pulled back and my eyes are all squinty....


  1. Glad you enjoyed the game against my Alma Mater! I had a feeling they would get beat pretty bad!

    1. They played really good..just couldnt seem to get any points on the board! they did however sac(k??) our QB about 6 times!!! lol