Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday Goodies!

My birthday was this past Tuesday and I had a GREAT day! It started off great when the Starbucks drive thru lady gave me my drink for FREE! What a treat!

My kiddos were so sweet and brought me/made me some cute gifts! I got flowers, cards, and cupcakes!

That night Ty took me to dinner & I choose Cheesecake Factory and it was so yummy! We never go out to eat during the week so it was a treat! He got me two beautiful watches that I am in love with!

Friday I came home to 2 gifts from 2 sweet friends! Thought I'd share some of the sweet gifts I got this year...


  1. Love the tumbler! Looks like you had a great birthday.

  2. Where is that lunchbox from???? I love it!!!

    1. it is bigger than a lunchbox - more like a small cooler! its from spotted zebra! i bet they have more, will you be back any time soon?