Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday marked a year since my sweet nana went to be with Jesus. Today marks a day to remember those who have given their life for our freedom. My poppy did not die in the line of duty but he did fight for our country and I will forever be proud to be his granddaughter. He passed away when I was in 7th grade and I miss him all the time. I am so glad him and nana are now together again in Heaven. I miss you so much nana & poppy.

I hope you took the time today to say a prayer for our military men and women who have served or are serving now. I hope you also took the time to pray for their brave families.

A certain family is on my mind tonight as they are still mourning the loss of their son, brother, nephew, grandson, and cousin. I have written about Jacob before. We grew up in church together and he died in July of 2010 serving our country. He will always be a hero to me.

Thank you to all who have fought for our freedom. Thank you to all who are fighting for our freedom.

Sorry the pictures are all out of order, I'm on my iPhone! The pictures are of Jacob Dennis, my nana & poppy, and my poppy in uniform (he was so cute!)

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