Friday, May 11, 2012


Emma got her 3rd round of puppy shots this week and she did great! The vet tried to trick her by giving her treats while he gave her the shots but when he put the needle in she turned her head around to him like, "hey, you tricked me, what'd you just do?" lol it was amusing. She weighs 20.8 pounds and it is very likely that she will double her weight in about a month which is CRAZY! She is getting so big so quick!

Ty trains her when he feeds her so she has to work for every bite of food. It's pitiful but I know it will be good in the long run when we have a very well-trained dog. She does sit, down, and kennel right now and rings a bell when she has to go outside to pee! Maybe I'm biased but she's a pretty smart puppy :)

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