Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Reading and a few pics!

I am NOT  reader. Most teachers probably are, but I am NOT! I have never liked reading and it has carried into my adult life. However, I have read a few "inspirational" books but thats about all I can get into. I had heard SO many people talk about the book Heaven is for Real so I decided to go check it out. I was first blown away that a book is $17.00 but I decided I needed to get it because I need something in my life to relax me.

I literally CANNOT put the book down. I have to make myself stop reading so I won't read the whole book in one sitting. I am loving it! I highly recommend in to anyone who needs a good summer read! I have found myself getting excited to sit down and read...which never ever happens!

When my Nana passed away, mom and I were talking in the car one night about all the anxiety and questions I get when someone close to me or that I know dies. It happens everytime. I get bad anxiety (worse than normal) about me dying or someone close to me dying. I also wonder about Heaven and how it is up there. I can't fully grasp the concept of "eternity" and I just wonder what it will be like. Mom could only answer a handful of questions I had because obviously, she's never been there. I got mad because moms are supposed to know everything right? Well, alot of the questions I had are answered or touched on in the book! I keep having what my friends and I call "God moments" where God has answered a prayer or a question. I just LOVE how God works like that.

Heaven is for Real

Click on that link to go to the website! You have to read this book!!!

isnt this beautiful? this was the morning we left the beach! God is such an artist!

Me and the catfish I caught last night!

I hope all you teachers are having a WONDERFUL summer!


  1. My pastor's wife is supposed to pass her copy on to me. She said it is a good read. Have you ever read 90 Minutes in Heaven? If not, you should really try it.

    Love the fish! It has been two years since I have been fishing. Maybe soon!

  2. You are so tan!!! I am jealous!