Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day and Videos

I am always at a loss as to what to get my dad for Father's Day. Since we share a love for Alabama Football, I usually get him something BAMA....such as a shirt, pennant, picture, etc. He always expects something Alabama for every birthday and holiday. Not this year! I got creative. I am making him "name art" with our last name. Here is an example:

Except I am going to use all things baseball to spell out ALFANO...Casey and I did a similar thing for her mom 2 Mother's days ago and it turned out so great! I think dad will love it and hang it in his "man cave". I got a 40% off black frame from Michaels yesterday and I am going to go to a local baseball field today to take the pictures. I am super duper excited! I just love home-made gifts (well, half-way home-made in this case). They come with more love. :) I will share the final product tomorrow. I hope he likes it! He deserves the best, he is by far the best daddy ever...
I know I've shared this picture before but I just love it. Dad was so excited to get me off his payroll :)

After I graduated from UA

At my Birthday 2 years ago

What are you doing for your dads?


I took these videos a few weeks back when I was watching Luke and Aubrey. I think they are hilarious. I could watch these videos all day long! I just love Aubrey's little laugh! She thought the swing was quite amusing...

Disclaimer: Yes, Aubrey MIGHT be a little too young to brave the swing by herself, but if you know Aubrey, she is demanding. And she demanded to swing BY HERSELF and to go HIGH. Sassy little thing. So, what she wants, she gets! Please do not judge me as a bad aunt as her head slings forward as she is swinging :) oh and please excuse my obnoxious laugh...


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