Monday, September 27, 2010

A Win and A Giveaway!

The Alabama game was quite a thriller on Saturday. I was in a pretty bad mood the whole game. Screaming at the TV pretty much every play. I wanted to know who these players were and what they did to my National Championship team? Arkansas was doing everything right and we were doing everything wrong. I sure am glad they came back after half time ready to play. I must admit, I was preparing myself for a loss. I don't even remember what it felt like to not be #1!!! We were about to find out and I had to prepare myself! I was losing faith!!!

I had to leave with TWO minutes left to go to a wedding and I was slightly freaking out. I called Molly who was watching from Boston and made her give me the play by play until the game was over. I was slightly worried the game might not be over before the wedding started. Call me crazy, but I was not walking in the church until I knew we won the game. Our conversation was alot of this:

At this point, Arkansas had the ball with PLENTY of time to score....
"What yard are they on?"
"How much time is left?"
"What are they doing?"
"What down is it?"
then molly started screaming and I didn't know what she was screaming about....are they about to score? did they score? is our winning streak over? did we intercept the ball? is it over? did we win?

And finally I screamed, MOLLY!! What happened!!!!!! and finally, the words came through the phone, "INTERCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!" ---ahhh, sweet words to my diehard Alabama fan ears. :)

We won! To a very very good team I might add. Their quarterback is very good. And kinda cute too. :) haha. Anyways, Sorry Arkansas, yall played one heck of a game! rammer jammer......

A sidenote about the game: During the game I heard the announcers say that we haven't lost a regular season game since the Auburn game in 2007. That game instantly caught my memory. That was the first time Ty and I hung out. :) I "met" him the day before when our parents hung out at his house. The whole car ride to Auburn that night I was all smiles. He was so handsome. Then, I later find out that his family is coming to Auburn as well to tailgate with us! Oh how so excited I was. The whole next day (the day of the game) our parents kept trying to get me to talk to him but I was too shy and anyone who knows Ty knows he is SO shy. So, needless to say, we tailgated all day, then watched the game at my sister's house in Auburn together, not saying more than 5 words the whole time. :) but I was so smitten with him. He did however talk to my sister, Anna most of the time! Haha, funny how things work out... ;)

Now for the giveaway:

Head over to LyndsieGivesAway for a GREAT giveaway!! These bags and totes are so cute! I have two market totes and use them all the time!! Go check out the giveaway here....

Oh and a *special* congrats to Molly who started her new job today! She is Boston's newest preschool teacher and I am so proud of her! Welcome to big girl world Molly!!! I love you and those sweet children are so blessed to have you as their teacher!!!!!

I love you Molly!

Hope everyone had a great Monday - I don't know about yall but I sure am glad Monday is over, 4 more days til the weekend... :)

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