Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my 100th post!

This is my 100th post! It only took me a little over a year! haha! This will not be a very exciting post but more of just a "thought for the day" (from my Max Lucado Calendar lol) :)

{The next time you hear a baby laugh or see an ocean wave, take note. Pause and listen as His Majesty whispers ever so gently, "I'm here."} - Max. Lucado

There really is nothing like a baby's laugh....
Old picture of Luke but look at that sweet baby's smile :)

And there really is nothing like hearing waves crashing!
Daytona Beach 2010

I love these "thoughts for the day". I love a good quote. I have been really stressed out and busy lately and I need to slow down and enjoy the little things. :)

And if you remember, say a prayer for me. I am in for a very challenging year. I have so much to give these kids if they'll just let me in. Let me into their lives, their problems, their issues, their struggles. I have so much to offer. I just need to get to them! This year is going to teach me SO much!!!

*In honor of my 100th post, leave me a comment - i know (or, i hope) people other than my sister read this...SOOO....come out of the no comment leavers closet and leave me some lovin!! :)

Have a GREAT Thursday! :)


  1. Happy 100th post! I'll say a prayer for you not to be stressed and have a great school year with your kids :) I have a lot of respect for you teachers!!

  2. So, my comments don't mean anything?!?

  3. I luv keeping up with your fam girlie. Makes me smile to know the middle schooler who brought so much joy to a college girl's heart has turned into such an awesome young woman. You make be feel blessed=)

  4. Hello! I am an aspiring teacher in college right now. I LOVE to read about your teaching experiences and I can't wait to hear about your year in 6th grade-- what an adventure! :) congratulations on 100 posts!

  5. the kids will come me! Just give lots of smiles out

  6. Happy 100th! Don't give up on the kids...they will come around and when they do your life will never be the same. :) Have a great weekend.