Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday at school, someone knocked on my door and handed the SpEd teacher in my room something - I was teaching so didn't really stop to see who or what was at the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the SpEd teacher had some flowers in her hand. I NEVER get flowers - Ty seems to think they are "stupid because they just die". I have always tried to convince him that its the THOUGHT of giving your girlfriend flowers that counts. Anyways, back to my story. I see some flowers in her hand and said, "Who are those for??" And she said, YOU! I was completely caught off-guard because again, I NEVER get flowers. I used to beg my mom to send me some for Valentine's Day from a "secret admirer" (shhhh don't tell). So, I kinda thought they might be from my mom and dad for a little "late bday present" (my birthday was saturday). Of course, I secretly wished they were from Ty but never in a million years thought they would be. So, I open the card and see this:

Yes, that's right - my i'm never sending you flowers boyfriend sent me BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS!!!!!!!!! I almost started crying because it was so sweet of him but I had to hold back! Of course my kids were like, "Ms. Alfano, WHO ARE THOSE FROM!???" :) haha! He definitly caught me off guard by sending me these! He is so sweet! He loves to throw me off and surprise me! :) And I love that about him!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my PRETTY flowers!!!
Aren't they pretty? :)

I am one lucky girl! :)


  1. I have probably gotten flowers 10 times, you need to catch up ;)

  2. Beautiful flowers...they'd look great in a wedding bouquet ;)