Thursday, August 5, 2010


Who's ready for fall? I am! I love love love summer - its my favorite time of the year. BUT, here in Alabama (and I'm sure everywhere else around the south), it has been SWELTERING!!!!! I'm talking HOT!!!! I can't even walk to my car without breaking out in a pouring sweat. It doesn't help that my car is so old that the air only gets cool if you've been driving it for like 30 minutes. So, running errands is NO fun in my car because it never gets cool! Its so hot that I can barely touch my steering wheel without getting a 3rd degree burn. Not to mention its really hard dressing up for work when by the time I get to school (which is only a 5-10 minute drive), I am sweating and my shirt is sticking to my back (yuck, i know). The only time this weather should be allowed is when you are sitting at the beach, sitting on the dock at the lake, or laying by the pool. However, lately- even my pool at my apartment is more like a hot bath than a refreshing  jump in the water because you're hot pool. Oh, and one more awful thing about this horrendous hot weather - (ok, I'm going to sound like a dork....) my glasses fog up when I go from my apartment (or other air conditioned place)  to outside! Its like when you open the dishwasher and all the hot air comes rushing to your face and your glasses get all fogged up! (any fellow glasses wearers out there that can relate????) :) Okay, back to the weather - it should be illegal and I am ready for Fall!!!

So, bring it on Fall - I know you won't be here for another 2 months but I am SOOO ready for you! I am ready for the roll down the windows in my car days, the leaves, the football, the pumpkins, the apple pie, and the weather that makes you wanna go snuggle up to your boyfriend or husband on the couch. :) I am so ready for you Fall, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hurry!!!!!!!!!

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  1. We're ready too, so the kids can go play outside. I feel terrible keeping them locked up inside, but I can't breath outside when it's this hot & humid!