Friday, August 20, 2010


Yes, you saw right, Ty and I are going to be running a 10k in November! I am so excited!! I got motivated after reading The Durhamites. I thought it would be perfect for me because I have a very hard time staying motivated to work out/run. I will do good for awhile, then get in a slump and stop for a few months. I did great last spring, then when I lost my job in May, I kinda just slowly stopped because I was back and forth from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, I was so stressed out trying to find a job, and to be honest, I just didnt feel like working out. Well, I knew I needed to start back up again and so last week I asked Ty if he would want to do a 5k with me and he said yes (of course) but he said a 5k would be nothing to him so then he suggested a half marathon (13 miles) and I thought that might be too long for my first one so we settled on a 10k (which is a little over 6 miles)! I am super super excited! It will be a HUGE accomplishment for me to complete this! I don't think I've ever run more than 2 miles at one time. I am thrilled to take on this challenge and so excited my sweet boyfriend decided to do it with me! We think we are going to do the Vulcan 10k Run in Birmingham on November 6th! Hopefully I will be ready by then so we can do that one! I will be updating on how my runs are going every week!! :) This week we ran by the river on Monday and Wednesday for 10 minutes and we are going to run tomorrow (Saturday) for 10 minutes as well. I know I could have gone longer but I need to pace myself and start off slow! Next week I will bump it up to 12 minutes. So, anyways, I am super excited and ready to accomplish this goal I have set for myself. :)

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. :)


  1. Very proud of you, hope the training goes well!

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